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What are Common Joint Problems and How to Reduce Them

What are Common Joint Problems and How to Reduce Them

Most of the joints in the human body exist to bear weight and perform repetitive motions due to work or daily activity. While some joint pains may be temporary and related to injuries, some are persistent signaling bone related illness like arthritis or lupus. Joint pains can be treated based on the cause which can be either through massage therapy or medication and rehabilitation. Sometimes joints pain due to hormone deficiencies in the body, inadequate nutrition, dehydration and strained musculature. Massage therapy can be used for reducing pain and swelling related to arthritic conditions too as warmth of hands and gentle kneading movements provide relief to joints plagued by continuous pain.

Shoulder pain

Sometimes you may experience severe pain in your shoulder after throwing a ball or lifting a heavy object which could be either due to dislodged joint or muscular pull in that area. The first step would be to take an x-ray to see if the joint is in place. If the bones are intact then next step would be to find a certified and experienced massage therapist in your locality of Limerick, Ireland that can help relieve the pain with appropriate massage. After a thorough examination the therapist will apply pressure gently around the inflamed area using specific technique to relive pain within one or few sessions of massage therapy.

Elbow joint pain

During tennis elbow the elbow joint becomes inflamed and painful due to excess use of muscles and tendons around the wrist and lower arm. If left untreated, this pain can lead to severe burning in the elbow and shock waves radiating from that area to other parts of the hand. A massage therapist will reduce this form of joint pain with deep tissue massage which will relax the tendons and muscles in elbow area along with trigger therapy reduce pain. Patient will be advised a few exercises that have to be done along with massage therapy to cure the problem completely.

Pain in ankles and toes

Foot pain could be due to ligament tear, fracture or even due to muscular stress. Most people prefer to soak their feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes along with therapeutic oil after a day of hard work which is a great stress buster for tired feet. If you have a job a Cork, Ireland that requires long standing or running hours then try make regular visits to a local massage therapist in your area. Frequent massage of legs from hip to toes will keep your muscles stress free and painless along with the hot water soaking treatment.