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Wake Up With Gratitude

Wake Up With Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the key elements of helping to create a meaningful and happy life and by giving gratitude on a daily basis.

Watch and observe as positive things will automatically manifest into your life.

It is only by showing and giving gratitude on a daily basis can we manifest, health, happiness, clarity of mind and peace of mind not to mention financial abundance.

This is what prayer is, showing gratitude. When you get up first thing in the morning, thank the creator, the universe, God, Life or whatever you choose to call it.

Give thanks for waking up, give thanks for your wife and family, your home, your car,

your health, your wealth and so on.

You can do it while taking a shower,brushing your teeth or getting dressed,when something positive happens you during the day be grateful and thank the universe that you received such a gift, no matter how small, be aware of all the things in life you should be grateful for and give thanks for them.

If you feel an injustice has been done to you or you have been wronged by some person for whatever reason give gratitude that this person has shown you light into what they are really like.

So, in other words, use it as a warning sign against those types of people so that in the future you will be able to avoid similar situations.

Give gratitude that you were giving a warning sign because that’s what it was.

By doing this you will feel no anger or malice towards the perpetrator and hence it will not cause you any stress or anxiety.

In fact, go as far as to that person for what they have done and move on with your life.

Remember never hold on to anything that is broken, just give thanks that you got the warning signs.

You might not think you have nothing to be grateful for but you are wrong, we have everything to be grateful for.

You might just not be looking hard enough, so start to show gratitude in everything in your life and what’s happening around your life.

Give thanks…

Remember its only by giving can we receive so start by giving thanks and showing gratitude