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Various Facts Surrounding Acupuncture

Various Facts Surrounding Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a health-care practice that has been followed in China for centuries It is based on the premise that humans fall sick when the patterns of energy flow of their body get disrupted. Through acupuncture, the imbalances of the energy flow are corrected at certain identifiable points close to the skin. This practice was not known in the western countries for a long time, but a lot of interest has been generated since it was found that the method was effective in treating a majority of patho-physiological diseases.

Acupuncture requires the stimulation of anatomical locations on the skin by an assortment of techniques. The most common technique involves penetrating the surface of the skin with solid, thin metallic needles, which are handled manually or by electrical stimulation.

Conditions where acupuncture has been found to be very helpful

The effectiveness of acupuncture is still very debatable as it has produced different results in different patients. According to some research, acupuncture has shown to have significantly alleviated pain, but there are many others who have stated that the effects of acupuncture are mainly due to placebo. It has been very useful when treating chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea. Its efficacy has also been proven in stroke rehabilitation, lower back pain, asthma, menstrual cramps among various other things.

Side-effects and safety issues related to Acupuncture

The procedure of Acupuncture is fairly safe if it is administered with sterile single use needles. However, a number of complications have been reported, but it happens more because of the carelessness of the acupuncturists than the practice itself. Most common adverse affects include bacterial infection as well as certain serious conditions like collapse of internal organs and damage to the central nervous system because of accidental puncture.

Benefits of acupuncture

The various benefits of undergoing an acupuncture procedure are as follows:

It eases your back pain: One of the leading reasons people visit acupuncturists is that the therapy successfully gets you permanent relief from chronic back pain.
It enhances the effectiveness of medications: Instead of consuming a lot of medicines, it is better to take it in a limited manner alongside an acupuncture session, as it can boost the effectiveness of the medicines you take.
It soothes indigestion: If you are suffering from indigestion, an acupuncture therapy can help you gain control over it.
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