treating chronic pain through Acupuncture/physio

Chronic pain
Pain is described as chronic pain when it has been present for a long period of time as opposed to acute pain which is a pain which is relatively new in nature. There are many different types of chronic pain, be it chronic low back pain or chronic headaches. When pain is described as been chronic the patient has usually be suffering a long time with said pain and most people have tried all sorts of prescribed medication to try help with this pain.
Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chrons disease, irritable bowel syndrome are just some of the diseases which would be categorised as been chronic. Although there is no known cure for these conditions changes of diet, lifestyle and alternative medicine have often proven to be very beneficial in treating these conditions. Acupuncture is one said modality which has proven in many cases to give huge relief and in some cases a cure for these dehabalating conditions. At don Kelly pain relief clinics in dooradoyle Limerick and charleville co cork I use a combination of different styles of Acupuncture and physical therapy modalities to help with these conditions with great success with patients seeing improvement after one treatment and improvement by at least 70% after a third treatment and in some cases complete clearance of pain by a third session.
I believe that combining Acupuncture with physio techniques is the best way forward to help patient suffering with chronic pain all be it a chronic sports injury or a chronic disease.
one thing to note with and chronic pain or disease,the worst possible situation anyone can do is to do nothing,activity,physio,physical therapy,Acupuncture all the in conjunction with a health lifestyle can be of huge benefit to a person suffering with any type of pain be it chronic or Acute.

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