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Top Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Top Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture, heard the name before? If yes, it will be an additional read and if no, then post reading, you will bear this in mind for long.

New to acupuncture? Here are the basics

Acupuncture relates to inserting very fine and thin needles through your skin at specific points in the body. It is an ancient form of Chinese medicine to treat pains. Ouch…sounds painful!! But, the treatment comes with several health benefits. People across the world go for this in order to boost the blood flow. Chronic pain is one of the reasons why people opt for acupuncture.

Here are key 6 benefits of the same.

Remedy for your back pain

Scientific journals world over have published chronic back pain can be best relieved using acupuncture therapy. Acupuncturists also support the statement by saying it is one of the top cause why patients end up at their clinics.

Lowers medicine intake

Tablets or other oral medicine can be hated by many for their bitter taste. But there is no option if you opt the normal way to go for medicine treatment only. Studies from one of the south Asian countries suggest that lowering the intake of medicines coupled with acupuncture is as effective as full-dose medication. It was a positive outcome for patients being treated for high anxiety and depression. In addition, a combination of the two also helps to reduce the side effects of drugs like dry skin, weight gain and others.

Decreases heartburn

Researchers have proved that in the study conducted on pregnant women, over 75% had a relief in heartburn and antacid use on having acupuncture and medicines. Only 44% of the rest who were only on dietary intake (normal treatment) had the same effects.

Act as a shield while being radiation treated

Cancer patients normally are treated through radiation treatments which can have several side-effects like nausea or dry mouth. Experiments conducted on such patients have shown that acupuncture, though did not prevent side-effects completely but have improved the post treatment quality.

Prevents persistent headaches

In today’s rapid moving world, frequent headaches and migraines is a common health problem for working professionals. Acupuncture therapies help to lower the frequency of such occurrences of headaches and migraines.


Though not as strong as other benefits, acupuncture therapies have enough evidence to show that they do help in lowering the body weight. The research was carried out in Korea on a total of 3,013 people. It was beneficial more than changing lifestyle patterns or having weigh losing medications

Word of caution – Acupuncture therapies are to be undergone only through a certified and licensed acupuncturists and not normal doctors.