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The Perfect Exercise to Increase the Strength and Endurance of Your Shoulders

The Perfect Exercise to Increase the Strength and Endurance of Your Shoulders

Strong shoulders is an essential for leading a painless and comfortable life. You can be an athlete, a business person or a student; the importance of strong and enduring shoulders cannot be underplayed in any case. It is quite natural that you need to sit up straight for long hours, travel extensively or carry weights. So for increasing the strength of your shoulder muscles there are some simple exercises which you must adopt. Remember that durability of shoulder is solely dependent on the presence of strong muscles at the core, so your perfect exercise should target the same.

Regular workouts

To enhance the posterior shoulder strength and gain a stable posture, regular exercising is the key. Try combining external rotation of shoulder while staying in the abducted position along with an overhead press. The exercise might sound complicated but it is not. What is more is the fact that it can be easily incorporated into your workout schedule by combining it with other exercises. The specialty of this exercise is that when it is performed during exercise tubing, it is known to provide a anterior force that poses a challenge for the posterior muscles.

The muscles must resist this force throughout the movement; hence naturally the strength builds up in due course. The main key to make this work is to fight the pull of the band while pressing overhead.

This is a strengthening workout which if mastered will help you in doing other exercises as well. You can bring in variations in the pattern of practicing as well. For example the abduction position can be swapped with half kneeling, tall kneeling and split squats. Once you feel comfortable with the work out try incorporating rhythmic stabilizations in the top range of motion.

Each movement is important

Another tip to make this exercise work is to master each of the movements on an isolated basis before trying to combine them into one single integrated series. This exercise not only helps in mastering the ideal scapular movement but also enhances the capacity to maintain a stable position in the face of increasing tension.

There is a good balance of dynamic and static effort in this form of workout which makes it more effective. You can practice it by doing 5 holdings of 5 seconds each or 8 holdings of 2 seconds each.