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The Important Role of Diet (Does it make you healthy or sick?)

The Important Role of Diet (Does it make you healthy or sick?)

When it comes to staying healthy and pain free the role of diet can not be underestimated, there is no need for me to go into the ins and outs of the chronic obesity levels in the USA especially but also other countries none less than my own country of Ireland where the levels of obesity is increasing yearly to such a stage that in a matter of a few years we will be the fattest country in europe,now how depressing is that?

Look at the levels of people suffering from chronic illness,type two diabetes and children been diagnosed with conditions such as  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD)


There is increasing evidence that changes in diet and eating habits can dramatically reduce the symptoms of these diseases and many others in a matter of weeks.

Look again there is no need for me to go into the in and outs of our eating habits we all know there is too much junk food and processed food in our diets even by cutting these out along with sugar and sugary foods our health will benefit, it’s not rocket science just common sense.


What is gaining great momentum at this moment in time is ketogenic diet which in essence is a high fat low carb diet or in other words eat what comes out of the ground and the rivers and oceans and grows on the trees and eat what eats the grass and leaves off the trees


What’s vitality important in this diet is that all the meat you eat is organic grass fed beef, chicken, lamb etc also organic fish especially fish with high levels of omega three oils such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and nuts-  these are full of proteins and natural oils and saturated fats.


These are the foods our ancestors ate and this is what nature has intended us to eat.


It’s been going on since humans have been walking the earth around 2 million years, and this is what there diet was made u.


What they weren’t eating was corn flakes, big macs, pop tarts, chicken nuggets, processed food and carbohydrates especially bread and wheat.


Because bread was not made 2 million years ago, this was only started to be made around 10,000 years ago in Egypt. So even in the grand scheme of things in the evolution of man bread is relatively very new to our diet which means that our body’s system is not designed to digest bread and grains at this stage of our evolution yet, but with evolution we most likely will be able to tolerate it in the future but were talking possibly thousands of years for this to happen.


Another thing is-  you have to remember bread has a high gluten content which makes it more difficult for the small intestine to digest it.


Have you ever noticed how after eating pizza, bread rolls and sliced bread especially mass produced in factories how you feel bloated and tired after consuming these types of foods?


This is because your small intestine can’t break down the gluten which in turn causes these symptoms along with other symptoms like diarrhea, cramps and sickness and fatigue.


While you are consuming these foods your body can not digest it, now this is where your body goes into protective mode and will try to fix the problem, now how does it do this, let me tell you…


Through an inflammatory response,this is how the body heals itself, it’s not complicated and it’s very well understood but the pharmaceutical industry would like you to think it is complicated.


Think of it this way,when you cut your finger it bleeds, goes red, gets swollen and tender to touch.


Now imagine its a paper cut, the same process happens, now if we do nothing after a short period the cut will clot and the bleeding will stop, it will stay tender for up to 3 days and you will notice swelling and a scab will start to form and within a few day it will heal by itself.


The scab will fall of and underneath where the scab was is new formed skin, now how miraculous is that, absolutely amazing!


This is a very simplified way of me explaining to you the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Now when we eat foods that are not natural to our body’s system this process happens within the body, ie an inflammatory response, which in turn leads to pain,

but unfortunately the body can’t fix this problem because it can not deal with the levels of toxicity we are putting into our bodies so the body continues to try fight the invaders but can’t win this particular battle,

So it is constantly in a state of inflammation which in turn leads to pain.


So what is the modern way of treating this pain, well its anti inflammatories, steroids, cortisone injections, surgery- these are only treating the symptoms not the root cause.


Now anti inflammatories and steroids  reduce the inflammation which in turn reduces pain, wow great!


But there is a slight problem here because when we stop taking these meds because our pain has gone (temporarily) the body is still fighting the foreign invaders in its own ecosystem.


Inflammation thus the pain returns which leads to a chronic cycle of pain medications which in turn create new problems like fatigue, dizziness, heartburn, digestive issues such as constipation, and what happens, he patient is give more meds to combat these new so called illness and it goes on and on.


This may sound very simplified and yes it is.


It’s not complicated,  it’s simple common sense and awareness of what we are eating.


Remember life is not complicated, life is only complicated if we choose to make it so or other people or companies choose to try make it complicated.