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A medical condition due to which the tendons in your body get inflamed is commonly known a tendonitis. When these tendons get inflamed they cause acute pain in your body. It happens mainly due to the overuse of tendons or aging. Usually people who are associated with sports are prone to this condition. Elderly people are affected because their tendons become weak with age and start losing their elasticity. Tendonitis affects various parts of your body including knee, thigh, wrist, elbow and finger. The most common symptoms are-

If you are facing acute pain when moving any of the above-mentioned part of your body, it may be due to tendonitis.

You might have a feeling of grating or crackling of a tendon when trying to move any body part. Swelling is a common sign to suggest that an area might be affected by Tendonitis.

Also that part may turn reddish and feel hot.
Formation of a lump along the tendons is a definitive indication of tendonitis.
Treatment for Tendonitis

There are many different treatment options available for this condition which includes pain relievers, injections, surgery, shock wave therapy and physical therapy. Amongst these physical therapy is an effective and efficient treatment method option for tendonitis.

Physical Therapist Don Kelly provides holistic treatment options for patients suffering from any kind of acute and chronic pain including tendonitis. Different kinds of physical therapy might be used to treat different patients depending on their medical condition. Once you visit a Don Kelly therapy center you will be checked thoroughly and the root cause for your pain will be diagnosed. After the main cause is identified you might be prescribed for any of the below mentioned physical therapy methods.

Manual Therapy– In this procedure pressure is applied manually by hands on the affected area to help the tendons or muscles to relax.
Heat/Ice application – Herein, the affected area is treated by applying heat or ice which eases blood circulation in turn relaxing the soft tissues and diminishing pain.

Electrical Simulation – A wave of electricity is passed through your skin. The wave is painless in nature and affects your nerves to relax them.
Ultrasound Therapy – As in the case of electrical simulation here also sound waves are used instead of electricity. These sound waves produce heat deep under your tissues to help the tissues relax. This method is mainly useful for tendonitis.

Hip flexor stretch hugging knee to chest

Lie on the bed with your legs hanging off the of the end of the bed.
Bring your unaffected leg in towards your chest.
Hug your unaffected knee into your chest.
Your other leg should remain dangling off the edge of the bed.
You should feel a stretch in the front of your hip.
Hold this position before relaxing your leg back down.

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