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Massage is a very common modality to help alleviate muscle and joint has been used for hundreds of years with different styles and techniques in different parts of the world, such as Thai massage, Swedish massage, myofascial massage, this is the massage we use here at Don Kelly physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Dooradoyle Limerick and Charleville co. cork

The idea of back massage is that when applied it increases blood flow and helps with lymphatic drainage of the muscle tissues and lymphatic system thus achieving pain relief due to muscle fatigue sports injury or stress.
Sports therapy is very common and there are a lot of athletes, rugby players, football player’s etc. getting massage on their hamstrings and their back for example to help them achieve optimal performance.

When sports massage is applied correctly in conjunction with physical therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture patients will see a most remarkable results and their general health will also improve.

I believe that utilising different techniques is best for the patient when it comes to them getting the best possible results from their therapist