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Signs Your Muscle Pain Is Something Else

Signs Your Muscle Pain Is Something Else

Signs Your Muscle Pain Is Something Else


Fibromyalgia is a condition that makes your muscles ache and feel stiff. If you have it, you may be more sensitive to pain than most people. You’ll also feel the pain all over your body, on both sides and above and below your waist. You may have fatigue and brain fog, too.


Arthritis comes in many forms. Many of them cause stiffness, swelling, redness, and reduced range of motion in your joints. When you can’t move your joints, the muscles around them tend to get stiff and sore. Your chance of getting arthritis goes up as you age, and you’re more likely to have certain types if they run in your family or if you injure a joint.


Endurance athletes, firefighters, people in the military, and older adults who can’t get up from a fall for an extended time are at the highest risk of getting rhabdomyolysis. This rare condition causes muscle soreness, weakness, and swelling because of muscle tissue breakdown.


The achy, sore muscle feeling you get when flu sets in is a result of your immune system’s response to the virus, not the flu itself. Though the common cold and sinus troubles can also make you ache, the muscle soreness and pain you get during the flu tend to be more severe.

Low Vitamin D

You need vitamin D to function well. You get it from sunlight and the food you eat. When you don’t get enough, it can cause sore, painful joints and muscle cramps.


Over 90% of people with the autoimmune disease lupus will have pain in their muscles and joints at some point. Around half have muscle pain as one of their first symptoms. It’s common to have muscle pain during a lupus flare.


Here at Don Kelly Physiotherapy and Acupuncture clinic we have treated this very common condition very successfully in both our Limerick and Charleville clinics.

Phyio exercises and acupressure: This can be an ancient type of treatment that is comparable to acupuncture, but does not use needles. It applies pressure to particular pressure points which encourages blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and triggers our body natural healing : 

I have treated my patients with a 100% success rate. Armed with experience in the last 20 years of providing my physiotherapy services in Limerick and Charleville.

If you experience chronic pain, injuries, or advice for knee surgery and replacement please don’t hesitate to reach out. I have treated thousands of my patients with successful results over the last 20 years of my physio services. 

BEFORE YOU SAY YES TO KNEE SURGERY REPLACEMENT– give me a ring for an assessment. 

My treatment plan is the result of my experience and knowledge in treating chronic pains and injuries over the last 20 years. This is the holistic plan to guarantee pain relief, prevent recurring pains, and faster recovery. 



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