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Shin Splints Treatment

Shin Splints Treatment

Shin Splint Treatment

Shin splints are agony, you likely know that already which is the reason you’re reading this. You cannot do any of your regular sports or activities for anxiety about the beginning of that agonising stabbing pain. No good to your physical fitness, no good for fun. . Shin Splint can be very deabalating when walking or running, but first there are several essential measures to take. Excessive impact forces from sports and/or weight bearing activities can overload as they can’t absorb shocks anymore. Exercising on hard surfaces, uneven earth, beginning exercise to hard following a long lay off, growing strength or length overly quickly, exercising in poor shoes and excessive uphill or downhill operation can exacerbate this.

Essentially flat foot leading to overpronation where the foot and ankle roll excessively inward when hitting earth. This could be increased by bad jogging style, tight muscles, jogging with excessive forward or backwards lean or with toes pointed outwards and landing on the balls of the base. Sorry, but you might have to give the jogging or sports a rest to get a bit, no way round that. DON’T keep training, this is not an accident you may train through or away it’ll only get worse if you do that. Then you may get back in slowly and constantly with minimum lost time.

The fundamental medical treatment would be like every other muscle type injury and follow the famous R.I.C.E.R process. Preferably start RICER within 48-3 days of the injury. Taking some Anti inflammatory tablets like IB Propfin or Voltaren. for me this is not the correct measure to treat shin splints,the best way to reduce the forces of overpronation or even over supination is a corrective foot orthotic specifically made for the patient an over the top orthotic is not the soloution as each foot is different and may require different modalaties attached or built in to the insole. If the pain is severe and you can hardly walk hours after the onset of pain then you need to get to a professional physio or sports physician for a specific rehabilitation to further reduce injury time. at Don kelly physical therapy and acupuncture clinic in dooradoyle Limerick and broad street charleville co,cork we specialise the the treatment and management of shin splints 0863239194

For 72 hours or 3 days avoid any heat like heat lamps, creams, spas etc. In addition avoid any type of massage of the leg and do not stretch or drink too much alcohol. Each one of these will increase bleeding, swelling and pain of your injury.