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Role Of Physical Therapy In Preventing Pain

Role Of Physical Therapy In Preventing Pain

Physical therapy has long proven to be effective in managing chronic pain, improving mobility and movement and providing rehabilitation after surgery. It is also known as physiotherapy and is a cost-effective method to prevent further injuries. Patients suffering from neck and back pain are most often advised to undergo physical therapy before undergoing more excessive treatments, including surgery. It has helped relieve many patients of acute pain, increased function and reduce health care costs.

Healthcare professionals

It is always advisable to take the help of a healthcare professional who would provide you the necessary treatment based on the gravity of your injury or pain. Physical therapists, chiropractors and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are all trained to provide some form of physical therapy and help improve mobility. Physical therapists help the patient to make certain lifestyle changes and undergo home exercises which effectively improves their performance.

Common forms

There are two different ways physical therapy is used by practitioners to alleviate the pain. The first kind is ‘Passive physical therapy’ which may be used prior to exercising to warm up the muscles or to soothe the muscles. It includes heat and ice packs, ultrasounds and an electrical simulation method called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The TENS therapy uses low-voltage electrical current to provide short-term pain relief. This method stimulates the electrical nerves and has often been effective in healing diabetic neuropathy. The second type of physical therapy practiced by health care professionals is active physical therapy that involves specific strengthening exercises. This includes stretching, pain relief exercises and low-impact aerobic conditioning.

Back pain relief

Physical therapy has proven to be the most effective in relieving acute low back pain and has even helped prevent any further back problems.. It not only helps strengthen the patient before surgery but also helps reduce the patient’s recovery time after surgery. But it is always advisable to consult a physician to assess if there are contradictions for physical therapy like a tumor or fracture.

Take caution

Physical therapy is a very specific method that differs from each individual case depending on the gravity of the pain and injury. People have different types of bodies and different habits and respond differently to the same therapy. So it is always advisable to take proper consultation in order to avoid any grievous injury while undergoing physical therapy.

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