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Regular Movement To A Better Health & Well-being

Regular Movement To A Better Health & Well-being

If a person wants to achieve ultimate health and wellbeing it is vitally important that they move on a regular basis and not stay static for too long.

Especially in one position or doing the same repetitive movement for long periods of time..

In today’s environment, lots of our citizens are in jobs where they could remain static for long periods of time, such as office workers, people who work on desktops eight hours a day or line assembly workers who are doing the same repetitive motion on a daily basis.

People who do this type of work and work similar to it tend to suffer from chronic pains in the neck, shoulder, back, elbows, wrists, and fingers, not to mention digestive issues, this occurs most commonly in people who sit in there jobs a lot. When a person is in a job similar to those mentioned the same muscle groups are been used with other muscle groups been underused thus creating an imbalance. Where one set of muscles get stronger and another group gets weaker which in turn will eventually lead to pain and disease.

So if you are an office worker or line worker and have long periods of just sitting in the one place or standing, I advise that you should get up every 40 minutes and walk around the office for 2 minutes. Also, lift your arms up and down and around in different places as well as your legs and hips. You can do this motion while sitting also.

Just take a break from your duties and do this for 1-2 minutes every 40 minutes or so.

Also, you can do yoga or stretching at home, sprint once a week for 10 seconds and repeat every two minutes up to 6 repetitions. Lift something heavy once in a while and start doing a simple plyometric exercise like squatting and squat and jump and bouncing a ball. Be it off the ground or off a wall, do some push-ups and so on. Just low intensity, nothing stressful.

By doing this you are encouraging movement in the body through all its natural plaines and encouraging neuromuscular stimulation, cardiovascular exercise as well as increasing muscle strength and joint mobility which in turn will help reduce pain in the muscles, joints, and bones as well as increasing the performance of the digestive system.

If you have any questions- feel free to reach out anytime!