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Quit Smoking With The Help of Acupuncture

Quit Smoking With The Help of Acupuncture

HSE is pointing out that the latest figures show that about one in five deaths in Ireland is connected to smoking.

Almost half of these deaths related to cancer while the other half were connected to either cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.

Cigarette smoking prevalence can’t be denied thus the statistics of related deaths caused by smoking. If you want to give up this habit then let me help you understand how to stop this habit.

Over the years people have tried many different ways to try to quit smoking, from hypnosis to nicotine patches and gum.

This works for some people but for most, it doesn’t, soon after they are back smoking again after spending hundreds if not thousands of euro trying to quit.

In my opinion, smoking is just a habit, and a bad one at that, which I feel is brought on by certain events in a person’s life, be it stress, be it peer pressure.

For example, when one was a child or teenager their friend would have smoked and put pressure on the other person to smoke also because it was deemed to be COOL,.

Anyhow, whatever the reason for a person smoking I feel it’s important that a person who smokes should be made aware of the said dangers of smoking and side effects of smoking such as bad skin, bad breath, bad smell, bad hair, discolored fingers, yellow teeth, poor appetite and so on.

Call it psychological warfare if you like, remember the truth hurts.

One very effective way of reducing your cravings of smoking and breaking the cycle of this habit is acupuncture.

Using certain points on the body, most notably the ear a person will notice their craving for cigarettes will reduce almost immediately.

In most cases, the effect of smoking reduces over 50% after the first session, but it is important to note that several sessions will be required if one wants to see the ultimate benefit from the Acupuncture and achieve a complete cessation of smoking.

The goal of Acupuncture is to curb the cravings of nicotine and it also helps if the person wants to give them up, yes there is an amount of willpower needed.

I recommend to people if they have cigarettes with them or at home to throw them out immediately.

If they can do this the chances of them giving up cigarettes are increased substantially because they are after TAKING ACTION  in their own healthcare and have now become a willing participant in their journey of giving up cigarettes.

So my advice to anyone out there who wants to quit smoking is, first of all, can you throw a pack of cigarettes in the bin?

If you can do this then Acupuncture will definitely help you reduce the cravings and help you win the battle against cigarettes..

I recommend that anyone who gives up cigarettes should start taking up exercise and start a new activity if possible because when you have stopped smoking your subconscious, will need the activity replaced.

This is why people start to eat more after quitting smoking.

So what normally would have been your smoking time will now need to be replaced, so better do it by reading a book, doing exercise, or do a puzzle, but certainly, don’t use up this time by eating.

Also after you have stopped smoking expect a cough that can last for weeks afterward, but doesn’t worry this is just your body expelling all the toxins and poison you have inhaled over the years.

Get the HELP  you need to quit. By quitting smoking, you are not only protecting yourself from various illnesses, but you are also protecting those you love.. Smoking not only harms your health, but it hurts the health of those around you..