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Physical Therapy for Repetitive Strain Injury

Physical Therapy for Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury is commonly found in computer professionals who work for long hours at the computer desk. It is a condition in which fatigue that occurred due to damage of muscle fibers cannot recover because of repetitive motion. In such condition, simple tasks such as walking, cooking and cleaning becomes extremely difficult. Mild symptoms of repetitive strain injury will affect productivity in individuals who will then struggle to show their complete abilities.

Symptoms of repetitive strain injury

The main signs of RSI is the occurrence of pain in body parts such as palms, wrists, fingers, forearms and shoulders. The pain can occur locally or diffuse through entire body part. RSI can be severe even if no pain is experienced. The following signs are also the indicators of RSI:

1. Numbness, tingling and loss of sensation
2. Clumsiness or loss of grip
3. Lack of co-ordination
4. Cold hands
5. Increased awareness
6. Lack of endurance

Therapy and cure

RSI is a condition which develops after several months of constant activity. It therefore takes much longer time to heal. The first step towards curing RSI is to take some rest. It is important that the activities which can worsen the pain must be stopped or reduced.

Therapeutic stretching on a regular basis is required to regain the flexibility. These sessions result in the hands being worn out before some amount of relief is obtained. Stretch points must be correctly understood in order to perform stretching exercises the same way each time. It simply means the extent to which a stretching can subside for about 10-15 seconds.


Techniques in massage therapy have been in use for thousands of years. Scientific studies have established the effectiveness of massage therapy which confirm that massage results in increased cell metabolism. For some people, it is normal to develop a swelling after the massage but it will return to normal after a couple of days. Massage can be very effective in curing RSI because it basically involves application of pressure which has healing effects.

Repetitive Strain Injury is a chronic condition which is mostly overlooked. There are examples in which people who took the therapy for RSI returned to their normal condition. If RSI is left unattended, the condition will only worsen. If a person feels that he has an RSI, then he must immediately consult a therapist.