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Physical Therapy for Chronic Headaches

Physical Therapy for Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can be caused by a wide variety of problems like tumors, vascular and sinus issues leading to disability in carrying out normal daily activities. Most people that have chronic headaches accept it as a fact of life and are dependent on medication on medication to relive their pain. Research shows that headaches also occur due to chemical imbalance in the brain and a thorough checkup has to be done to understand cause of the problem. Migraines are caused by disorders in the central nervous system comprising of brain and spinal cord.

Physical therapists in Charleville, Ireland will perform tests of muscle strength and sensation and will then draw the areas of pain in the body. Manual therapies are used to evaluate joint and muscles mobility in the neck. The physical therapist will help you to remove headaches by carrying out the following therapies:

a. Enabling neck mobility – A special manual therapy technique is used to increase movement of neck muscles and relive the pain and stress in those areas.

b. Stabilizing posture – To stabilize a patient’s upper posture he is taught exercises that will increase strength of his muscles in that area. You will also be advised to make modification in work area and daily habits to reduce stress to your neck and shoulder muscles.

Behavioral treatments for chronic headaches in Limerick, Ireland

These techniques aim to reduce stress within the patient and help him/her to counteract activities which cause muscle contraction and obstruct blood flow to the brain leading to headaches.

a. Relaxation therapy – Relaxation therapy techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing and application of cold compress to the head can help relax the sufferer and reduce headaches. Since most persistent headaches are musculoskeletal by nature they will have to be treated with physical relaxation therapy in Cork, Ireland.

b. Behavioral therapy – This therapy teaches helps patients recognize thoughts and incidents which cause stress in their mind and lead to headaches. With this therapy patients can understand these triggers and can change the way their body responds to this pain. According to research carried out about this technique, this form of headache management therapy has been most effective then all other methods of non medical therapies.

Lifestyle changes to reduce chronic headaches

Sometimes physical therapists will advice to make changes in your lifestyle to reduce occurrence of headaches like eating regularly, staying physically active and limit intake of medicines with estrogen.

Since physical therapists are experienced and skilled in the treatment of muscular problems they can understand the symptoms better and prescribe therapy to relieve pain.