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Osteopathy treatments utilise massage, active and passive joint manipulation, stretching of muscle and tendon fibres and myofascial techniques and joint mobilisations.

All these modalities help reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain and headaches to name but a few. Here at Don Kelly pain relief in Limerick and Charleville co. cork I utilise these treatment techniques to great success in combination with acupuncture, and physiotherapy modalities.

When patients attend my clinic they will receive more than one treatment style, for example they may expect physiotherapy modalities in conjunction with acupuncture treatments thus ensuring the best optimal treatment possible for my patients. After a session of osteopathy some patients might experience increased discomfort for a short period after treatment, it’s very important to note that this is not unusual and is often a very positive sign as the body is responding to the treatment received.

I always tell my patients that pain is a signal from the brain telling you that there is a problem, if the physical therapist or osteopath treats the symptoms the pain will come back, here at Don Kelly physiotherapy and acupuncture clinics in Limerick and Charleville I will always treat the root cause of the pain thus insuring optimal pain relief for my clients.