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Massage Techniques that Help Relive Backaches

Massage Techniques that Help Relive Backaches

We rarely realise the importance of our backbone in our daily activities until the tired back muscles become sore or painful making movement difficult for the body. Instead of taking pain killer medication, you should look for massage techniques which will reduce soreness and provide long term relief from nagging back aches. Different types of massages are ideal for relaxation of muscles, improving blood flow and releasing endorphins to give relief. Here are a few massage techniques that massage therapists at Charleville, use to examine the pain area and then rejuvenate the muscles to relieve pain.

Massage for lower back muscles

When you are physically tired then the first sign of exhaustion is revealed by a mild pain in your back muscles which can worsen if you do not get a massage done at the earliest. To provide relief the therapist will apply kneading pressure along the spine muscles with both thumbs in a gentle circular motion. The thumbs should slowly more in an upward direction along the spine from below the nape to just above the hip without moving over the spine. Any tight muscles are gently kneaded away until they disappear after which attention is given to lower section of the backbone. Gentle kneading of the backbone’s lowest section can soothe away the tightness in the area and relieve back pain.

Relieving muscle spasms with massage

If you have muscle spasms of the back then check with the either local chiropractor or massage therapist in your neighborhood of Limerick, Ireland if he knows the right technique for relieving your pain. Muscle spasms require a specific massage technique that is aimed at applying pressure only on the muscles that are causing the pain. In this massage technique the therapist will use fingers to apply varying degrees of pressure to relive the spasm based on the patient’s direction. This massage therapy focuses on increasing blood flow to the spasm to reduce the pain and stress. During the massage the patient has to constantly guide the therapist about pain location and also direct him to reduce or increase pressure.

Spinal Osteoarthritis

This refers to slow erosion of cartilage between bones of the spinal cord which then become inflamed and degeneration starts leading to frictional pain when the discs rub against each other. Since there is no cure for this problem patients have to seek out pain relief therapists that understand the problem and can provide therapeutic massage to reduce the pain with slow circulation massage around the backbone to reduce stress and pain.