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Fitness is an important aspect for keeping you body healthy. A healthy body helps you to live a long and happy life. A fit body can also decreases the chances of getting sick and also improve your appetite. Exercise is the best option to get fit, regular exercise can help anybody to achieve this. The Don Kelly pain relief clinic helps you in treating pain using natural methods such as exercising and stretching. People today resort to surgical methods to treat pain which can have a long lasting negative effect if it fails. Let us look at how fitness helps your body.

Stress relief

Stress is the most common problem that affects a large section of the population. The daily requirements of works and deadlines pile up pressure which leas to stress and depression. Stress and depression are very bad for the body and mind which could lead to other unwanted health conditions. Studies have shown that regular exercise has shown to improve the amount of natural antidepressants in the body. This helps you decrease stress and depression leading to a healthier and longer life.

Weight control

Staying fit is important control weight, higher amount of fat in the body leads to cholesterol as well as other unhealthy conditions. Regular exercise helps you to keep fit and burn the unwanted fat leading to a better looking body which improves your confidence. This positivity helps in healthy development of brain leading to a better life.

Staying happy

Staying fit through exercise has a surprise benefit; it helps you in being happy. Exercising everyday helps you to release endorphins which are responsible for the feelings f happiness and euphoria. It is also shown to have a positive effect on the clinically depressed, which shows you how powerful exercise can be. Doctors prescribe workout to patients who suffer from anxiety and depression and has shown to have equal effects of an antidepressant pill.

Boosting your energy

Regular exercise has shown to improve your mood and energy; it helps in improving muscle strength and endurance which helps you in doing your day to day work easily. Physical activity helps in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helping the cardiovascular system to work efficiently.

Cognitive decline

As we get older our brain starts to degenerate, meaning you memory tends to be hazy. The Alzheimer’s disease kills off the brain cells which lead to cognitive decline. Exercise helps you to fight this problem to an extent. It is proven that working out between the age of 25 and 45 helps in the production of chemicals in the brain which tackles the degeneration of hippocampus which is related as the memory and learning part of the brain.

Plank on fitnessball

Start in the plank position, with your lower legs on a gym ball and your weight supported on your elbows.

Make sure you keep your spine straight and in line with your legs.

Keep your pelvis straight and stable during the exercise.

Hold this position for the required duration.

To increase the difficulty of the exercise move your toes onto the ball instead of your lower legs.

Plank – prone on a stability ball with thoracic extension

Start in a kneeling position facing away from a wall with a stability ball on the floor in front of you.
Lie face down onto the stability ball with it positioned under your upper torso.
Place your feet against the wall with your knees bent and your arms by your sides, palms facing downwards.
Maintain a neutral spine and engage your deep abdominal muscles throughout this exercise.
Simultaneously reach your arms behind you as you push your feet into the wall, extending your knees until your body is in a straight line from head to heels.
The ball should now be positioned at your lower abdomen.
Next, extend slightly through your upper back as you pinch your shoulder blades together.
Pause, then return to the start position with control.

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