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How DAILY EXERCISE benefits your health and wellness

How DAILY EXERCISE benefits your health and wellness

The benefits of regular exercise are countless and more people should be doing it on a regular basis.


Especially people who suffer from chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, and depression to name a few.


Recent studies have shown that people who suffer with conditions such as type 2 diabetes and depression have reduced the symptoms of these often dehabalating diseases significantly and are now often prescribed from medical professionals all around the world.


The wonderful thing about regular exercise is that it’s free and drug free to be more precise.


One does not have to pay gym expenses or go to see personal trainers to achieve regular exercise they can achieve this by just going for a walk every day,an hour will do it at a nice brisk pace, not running, so plug in those earphones, listen to some of your favourite music and off you go and watch in the space of weeks ,if not days the changes that will happen to your body, not just physically, but mentally as well..


Regular exercise gives off a natural high which in turn helps us feel better as the body releases endorphins which give the same effect to the body as morphine,


Now what does morphine do, let me tell you, it’s a very powerful drug that is given to patients who are in high levels of pain,like injured soldiers from war, cancer patients,traumatic injuries etc,


Now think for a minute we have this naturally in our bodies but most people don’t use it because for some reason or another they don’t know or understand the huge and invauable benefits of exercise.


To release this natural morphine we have in our bodies go walking, get regular exercise- this can dramatically improve your overall health and wellness.


Other benefits of regular exercise is that it will help improve your sex life. It can help

releasing testosterone which is present in both males and females which also improves your mood, energy levels as well as your sex drive.


When one starts to exercise regularly it help to keep the heart in good shape,remember the heart is a muscle and the most important muscle in the body.


Because if the heart isn’t kept in a healthy state our bodies can not be in a healthy state,


So a strong heart is a strong body!


Make sure to do daily exercise and more specifically cardiovascular exercise which are exercises which would be specific to the heart.


Basically cardiovascular exercises are any exercise that help raise your heart rate, so when you are doing these exercises it helps to build your muscles and oxygenate them as well as your heart.


Your heart muscle needs to be strong and powerful and healthy,


So when you exercise regularly and start just by brisk walking this in turn increases your heart rate which in turn is cardiovascular exercise.


Other ways to do it, would be running, cycling, swimming, aerobic exercises and working out on cardio equipment.


For sufferers of brittle bones, osteoporosis, osteopenia when we do weight bearing exercise ie walking the body naturally releases calcium which helps to keep bones strong.


So i would advise any one who suffers with these conditions to start your walking and help heal your body naturally.


What I have discussed above are just a few of the benefits of regular exercise.believe me there are countless more!


Look at it this way, when we take regular exercise we are exercising our heart, when we exercise our heart and make it stronger it can pump blood around the body and equally important to our vital organs such as the liver and kidneys.


Now with increased blood flow bring increased oxygen and nutrients,healthy cells to these regions and so these organs as well as the bone, muscles, ligaments,and tendons will all benefit and become more healthy.


This is fact not some pseudo science. Its simple not complicated to understand at all.


Makes sense doesn’t i?


So if you are depressed, have a chronic disease, I don’t care what it is it!


Get out there and start increasing the blood flow around your body,from your toes to you brain and start