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How Acupuncture Can Provide you Pain Relief

How Acupuncture Can Provide you Pain Relief

Researches have proved beyond doubt that the modern, prescribed drugs are not safe and they cause serious side effects. In the recent years, the medical fraternity itself has withdrawn a number of drugs including pain relievers because of their harmful after-effects. That is the reason more and more people are drawn towards alternative forms of medicine. One such alternative form of medicine is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment and this form of medicine has been developed on the basis of an age-old philosophy and belief held by the Chinese that the Universe and the human body are quite opposite forces. According to them, only if there is a proper balance between these two forces, the human body will be able to enjoy good health.

Acupuncture Explained

According to acupuncture, an energy known as “Qi” flows through the human body and this energy keeps the two forces in perfect balance. But when there is a problem or a block that does not allow the energy to flow, there may be pain and other ailments.

The acupuncture specialist will release the blocked energy and cure the pain and the ailments. The therapist will invoke the natural healing capabilities of the body for relieving the pain and curing the diseases. Acupuncture involves use of needles for stimulating the body’s healing capabilities.

How Acupuncture Treatment Is Given For Pain Relief

The needle inserted by the specialist at what is called an “acupoint”adjusts the tissues of the body, its nervous system, hormones and such in a subtle manner. The therapist will ensure that the body holds the needle properly so that it will get sucked in. The therapist will then turn the needle slightly and the result is the body will grasp the needle in such a manner that it will not let it go.

It is by turning the needle instantly and appropriately that the therapist will ensure that the connective tissue is impacted on its plane. In fact, the needle will impact even the distant points on the plane. This will ultimately give pain relief to the affected person.

Since many people have got relief from their pains and other diseases thanks to the efficacy of acupuncture, the popularity of this form of treatment has been increasing. Another positive aspect is there are no serious side effects with this treatment.

There is a strong support from the scientific community for this form of treatment because a section of researchers conducted an exhaustive and detailed study involving 18,000 patients and came out with “robust evidence” to prove that acupuncture could give relief for migraines, arthritis and pains in various other body parts including chronic pains.