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Four Things that Could Be Worsening Your Shoulder Pain

Four Things that Could Be Worsening Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder problems are difficult to manage since most everyday physical activities require some participation by the shoulders. Over the time, the shoulder pain will transform from one form to another when proper care is not taken. These are the 4 things that probably is an indication of worsening of shoulder pain.


When shoulder is pulled or twisted hardly, it may cause the ball to dislodge from the socket thus causing the condition of dislocation. Treatment of dislocation requires the therapist or doctor to restore the normal position. Once the treatment is performed, the patient will be asked to wear a sling or any material to help keep the shoulder in place. Rest is necessary for such treatments as will be the need for exercise in the later stages. Shoulder dislocations may turn out to be chronic to a person who suffered from it, and such cases require surgery.


A hard blow to a shoulder or an outstretching of some kind will cause the ligaments between shoulder blade and collarbone to be torn, thus resulting in the condition of separation. The treatment for such conditions starts with resting. If the condition does not improve, then a sling must be used to keep the shoulder in place. Ice bag treatment can be used to treat the conditions of swelling and pain. Severity in tear will require the surgery to be performed.

Rotator cuff and rotator tear disease

Rotator cuff disease leads to condition called tendinitis and bursitis. The former caused the inflammation of tendons and the latter causes the inflammation of bursa. They can be diagnosed at the start with rest and ice bag treatments. Medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin can be administered to reduce swelling and pain. If the condition does not improve, then surgery may have to be performed.

Rotator cuff tear is the inflammation of rotator cuff tendons, which is especially caused by frequent use and aging. Treatments will start with a period of rest, heat or ice treatment to the affected area and administration of medicines. If other techniques of treatment prove to be ineffective, then surgery might be required.


There are two types of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. The former is caused by wear and tear of cartilages while the latter causes inflammation of joints. They can be diagnosed by NSAID drugs or surgery.