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Four Reasons Why you Should Not Neglect Back Pain

Four Reasons Why you Should Not Neglect Back Pain

If you pause for a moment to think how you use your back, you will realize that since the time of your birth, you have been using it for everything. You are using your back for your workouts, while driving to your workplace, working on the computer, while playing football. In short, you are using it for every activity. So, when you have a constant back pain, it disrupts your life.

You are committing a mistake if you are neglecting your back pain. You may take one or two pain relievers and once the pain subsides, you may forget about it. But health experts advise this is wrong. Let us have a look.

Back Injury

Your back pain may be due to an injury you may not be aware of. You might have had a bad fall or might have been hit by a hard object. Since you may be leading a busy life, you might not have the time to identify the right spot where you have been experiencing the pain. If you ignore this, it may lead to serious issues. It may negatively impact your career, financial situation, and the very lifestyle you live. You should therefore act immediately and consult your doctor to confirm if the injury is not serious.

Lower Back-Pain

While back pains are mostly work-related, pains in the lower portion of your back may be serious because they may be due to issues with your kidneys. If stones form in kidneys, it may cause pain in the lower portion of your back. Since you may experience severe pain, you may not be able to ignore it.

Pains in the lower portion of your back may also be because of a tumor in the kidneys. So, neglecting the pain may turn out to be highly dangerous.


Researchers have found out that almost all the smokers experience back pains. If you are a smoker and if you ignore this pain and continue the habit, you may be ruining your life.

Other Reasons

You cannot move any part of your body without the help of the muscles, joints and the ligaments. If they do not move in the right manner, you will experience back pain. If you neglect this pain, the joints, muscles and the ligaments will get affected severely and the pain may worsen. So, you must take appropriate treatment for this problem.

Similarly, if you push, pull or lift weights you cannot handle, it may result in back pain. If you have committed this mistake and if you experience back pain, you must not delay taking treatment.

The most important point you must bear in mind is you must not attempt to self-diagnose the problem and opt for self-medication. This may lead to serious health issues. You must also remember that poor posture may fatigue your spine. The effects of this may be incremental but in the long run, it may cause damage.

There are certain myths about back pain. The pain need not necessarily be due to “slipped disc” or “pinched nerve.” Another myth people have is if they take rests for long durations, they will get relief from back pain. Resting is good but if you rest for longer hours, it may be bad.