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Four Reasons to Choose Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

Four Reasons to Choose Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

Do you experience frequent pain in your neck or back? Do you always find a loved one complaining about backache? Instead of heading to the hospital for a surgery or taking painkillers have you ever considered the idea of opting for physical therapy to get relief from the pain? If not, we give you four reasons why you should consider physical therapy for body pain – be it in your leg, hip, shoulder or back.

Most people believe that physical therapy is recommended for elders and athletes. However, they are not the only ones who can benefit from it. Even if you are young and fit, you can rely on physical therapy to get rid of pain from certain parts of your body. So are you ready to find out why you should try physical therapy for body pain? Here you go:

Reduces or eliminates pain

Physical therapists like Don Kelly recommend physical therapy as the first solution to most body pain issues. Certain therapies like electrical stimulation have been proved to be useful in reducing lower back pain and restoring joint, as well as muscle function. In fact, certain therapies are also said to prevent the pain from returning.

Surgery can be avoided

Surgery is dreaded by many patients and why wouldn’t it, after all it is stressful and painful. In such cases, physical therapy comes out as an effective alternative as it can help reduce pain to a huge extent. It is also beneficial in healing injuries. However, a surgery is required if the condition is at an advanced level wherein the pain cannot be eliminated by physical therapy. So the sooner you begin with physical therapy for curing the problem, the better.

Makes you flexible

Physical therapy plays a prominent role in increasing your flexibility. Irrespective of your age, you can try the exercises mentioned by your physical therapist to improve your mobility. Don Kelly mentions that most of the exercises include basic stretching and strengthening moves, which can be followed after consulting your doctor.

Stroke recovery

Stroke usually weakens certain parts of the patient’s body. However, such patients can benefit greatly from physical therapy which strengthens the affected areas, while improving the patient’s balance and body movement.

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