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Four Habits that Could Be Hurting Your Back

Four Habits that Could Be Hurting Your Back

Back pain happens to be one of the most common complaints that patients talk about during a visit to the doctor. A change in one’s daily habits can bring about remarkable improvement in such cases. These four habits are the main reasons for a rise in patients suffering from back problems:

Unhealthy eating and not enough exercise

Gaining weight causes a variety of problems for one’s health. One such problem, incidentally, is back pain. The added weight causes stress on the lower back. A healthy diet and a proper exercise regime can work wonders for this issue. Regular exercise improves the pain threshold, meaning the ability to withstand pain increases. You can check with your doctor first, and then seek professional help.

Exercise programs and diets should be followed under proper guidance. According to a survey, almost a quarter of a million people in Ireland suffering from chronic back pain, fail to seek professional assistance. At Don Kelly physical therapy, the underlying cause of pain is identified through proper assessments and therapy is provided accordingly.

Incorrect postures while sleeping or sitting for too long

Back muscles tend to weaken if not used for long durations. People at work have to sit at their desk for hours, causing more pressure on their spine. You should make sure to get up from your desk from time to time to ease your back muscles.

While sleeping, a lot of people use wrong postures which can cause long-term harm to the back. Making small adjustments to your sleeping positions can help avoid any damage to the muscles and spine. Choosing the right mattress is also essential, something that’s firm and can give the right support.

Carrying heavy bags

School students are often seen walking around with heavy backpacks. An increasing number of children have started developing back problems as a result. Experiencing back pain as a child adds to the risk of permanent back problems as an adult.

Care should be taken to regularly clean one’s bags and dispose them of unnecessary items.

Wrong shoes

It is a known fact that high heels are bad for one’s posture, causing lower back problems. Even the wrong flats can cause harm to your back though. If they aren’t of the right fit and can’t give proper support, the shoes can aggravate the condition.

Old shoes must be replaced regularly and one should ensure purchasing shoes of the right fit. Specialized footwear is also a good idea in bringing overall improvement.