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Foot pain facts that can save you from enduring the pain (Recognize the cause and symptoms)

Foot pain facts that can save you from enduring the pain (Recognize the cause and symptoms)


The foot is the foundation of movement of the lower extremity.


It is an intricate and complex system that provides efficient shock absorption and propulsion in order for us to walk and run.


Pain in the foot indicates that there is something wrong with either the interaction of internal structures of the foot or with how the foot is interacting with external influences. How and when the pain occurs and the locations of the pain are the primary clues to what may be causing the pain. When there is pain, the body reacts by changing the way it moves or functions in an effort to reduce the pain.


These compensations or biomechanical changes may prevent the normal movement and cause further injury in the foot and/or other parts of the body.


The foot is a complex anatomical structure that may be affected by disease within the body or the foot itself.


The arches of foot are the primary structures that control the amount of ground force transmitted into the body.When pain due to foot pain interferes with your normal activities, you should seek medical advice.


The foot contains bone and joint, ligament, muscle/tendon, nerve, blood vessels, skin, and soft tissue structures. Disease of any of these structures in the foot can cause foot pain.


Methods of helping relieve foot pain would include hot epsom salts foot baths,massaging the sole of the foot with a tennis ball and stretching the calf muscles, avoid footwear that has very little or no arch support like flip flops,sandals,converse runners and ugg boots.also by keeping the feet elevated while sitting or lying down can also help alleviate foot pain symptoms.


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