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Foot Pain and Related Massage and Therapy

Foot Pain and Related Massage and Therapy

Foot pain can be as excruciating as any other bodily injury since feet are the base on which a human body stands. There are various reasons as to why a foot pain occurs. Diseases, injuries, biomechanical conditions, trauma are the most common cause of foot pain. Trauma, which is external force acting on the body impacting directly or indirectly on the structure of the body, is a common occurrence in sports.
Others such as ligament pains, muscle stress, cuts and fractures occur without any symptoms. A major injury to your foot or ankle can keep you on the bed for months together. Such injuries occur due to a sudden blow or a twist while running, jogging or playing. A metal object hitting on your toe nail can have blood oozing or even a temporary loss of nail. There are many more such causes where your foot cries.

Caring for feet

Take this trivia – a total of 52 bones help us to carry from one place to another. Hence, a little care for them should be a part of your daily/weekly exercise to keep them in a healthy state. There are several fashions one can carry out, i.e. different techniques to pamper those feet. You don’t need to go expensive spas or massage centres; a few simple techniques can be carried out at your home as well.

Feel relaxed at home

Begin by keeping your feet soaked in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Adding any therapeutic oil is an option. Pat dry using a warm towel. It will make your feet clean and soft. Next, keep both the legs on a flat surface like sofa or bed. You may use any oil or lotion for the massage. Apply it over the entire foot up till ankle.

Stretching before you start depends on you. After that, squeeze the foot with the hands from toes to ankle and reverse. Remember to keep one hand inside the foot and the other outside. What follows squeezing is twisting. The process remains the same except the action. Only difference being this time it is twist instead of squeeze.

Next are the strokes. With the help of fingers of your hands, stroke on top of the foot and work up to the ankles. The best way to do is to find those grooves in between bones and tendons of your feet.

Toes should be the next target area. Simply hold those toes with your fingers and make circular motions starting with the little toe to the thumb. You can also make gentle back and fore movements by your four fingers of one hand in space between the toes. Repeat the stroke actions, circular motions, back and fore movements on the bottom of the foot.

Other feet friendly actions

Calf actions – Raise your heels up while keeping toes on the ground. Hold to that position for few seconds. Relieve. Now, do the reverse. Raise your toes and keep heels on the ground. Repeat as necessary.

Feet squeeze – Sit on a comfortable chair with bare feet. Think of them as a fist and squeeze. Hold on for few seconds and relax. Repeat.

Doctor calling

If the injuries are critical like metal hit or the pain is acute, you need to immediately consult a physician or a nearby hospital. Delay in such actions could result in serious outcomes at a later stage. The medication will depend on the type of injury or pain you are suffering from. For example, a metal cut injury will call for a tetanus injection shot.