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Don Kelly Pain Relief Center

Don Kelly Pain Relief Center

The Don Kelly Pain Relief Centre, Limerick, Ireland method of mitigating pain involves a multidisciplinary approach to treating long-term and chronic pain. It is a strategically and methodically designed form of physical therapy focused on pain relief for old and young alike. We have devised a unique model that helps patients get rid of impairments and augments their overall quality of life.

Need for Physical Therapy

We, at Don Kelly Pain Relief Centre, Limerick, Ireland, understand the distress of a patient who, despite gulping down numerous medicines and concoctions, has to go through perennial physical pain. Eventually, there is a loss of confidence and bitterness in the person. In extreme cases, anti-social behavior of persons suffering from long term pain has also been documented. In this fast-paced and distressing economy we reside in, physical therapy has emerged as a beneficial and cost-effective tool to address the growing number of people for whom normal recourse of medicines has proved to be inadequate.

However, the methodology of Don Kelly Pain Relief Centre, Limerick, Ireland is not limited for people suffering from long term pain. It can be used as a preventive measure to avoid bigger problems and a hole in the pocket. For instance, a person with a sedentary job is prone to spondylitis or an athlete who can face sports injuries can sign up for regular physical therapy sessions with us.

The Action Plan

The motto of Don Kelly Pain Relief Centre, Limerick, Ireland is to provide quick and consistent healthcare remedies which can be practiced on a day-to-day basis. It starts with a thorough examination and evaluation of the patient’s medical history. Thereafter, a team of physical therapists is created to strategize and formulate the best physical therapy for the particular patient. An action plan is formed. The action plan has a trial period; it involves a set of physical exercises, a daily routine encompassing when to exercise, what diet to follow and the time period for each and every exercise. Throughout this period, the patient is closely monitored and his/her strengths and tendencies are noted down. Thereafter, the action plan is tweaked to suit the patient’s sensibilities as need be.

Patients approaching the Don Kelly Pain Relief Centre, Limerick, Ireland have seen positive and durable results in their lives. Our scientifically designed methods of physical therapy have proved to be a success time and again.