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Conditions that may cause knee problems and injuries prevention (THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT)

Conditions that may cause knee problems and injuries prevention (THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT)

Is knee pain stopping you?


Almost everyone has experienced a minor knee difficulty at some time or another.


More often than not our bodily actions don’t create problems, but it’s unsurprising that symptoms develop from day-to-day deterioration, excessive use, or injuries.


Knee issues and traumas generally take place in the course of sporting activities or leisure activities, work-related duties, or household tasks.


Although knee problems are often the result of an injury to one or more of these structures, they may have other causes.


Some people are more prone to get knee problems than others. There are many factors that can increase the likelihood of knee injuries.


Age, activity level, sporting activities and other medical conditions can play a role.


Knee problems are mostly caused by injuries. Acute (sudden) injuries may be caused by a blow to the knee or from abnormal twisting, or bending the knee, or falling on the knee.


Pain, bruising, or swelling can be severe and develop within minutes of the injury. Nerves or blood vessels may be nipped or damaged due to the injury.


The knee or lower leg may feel weak, numb, or cold; It might tingle, or look blue or pale. Acute injuries include:

-Strains, sprains, or other injuries to the tendons and ligaments that connect and support the kneecap.

-Tears in the rubbery cushions of the meniscus (knee joint).

-Tears in the ligaments. The most commonly injured ligament of the knee is the medial collateral ligament (MCL).

-Fractures of the kneecap, lower part of the femur, or upper part of the tibia or fibula. Knee fractures are most often caused by an abnormal force, such as falling on your knee, a severe twisting motion, or any severe force that bends the knee, or if your knee hits an object with great force.

-Dislocation of the kneecap. This occurs most frequently in 13 to 18-year-old girls. Bits of bone or tissue from fractures or dislocations may get trapped in the joint and get in the way of movement.

-Dislocation of the knee joint. This is a rare injury that would only come from great force. It is a serious injury and would require immediate medical care.

-Injuries arising from Overuse


Overuse injuries happen with repetitive activities or prolonged or repeated pressure on the knee.


Activities like climbing stairs, jogging, bicycle riding, or jumping stress joints and other tissues and can lead to inflammation and irritation. Overuse injuries include:



The following tips may prevent knee problems.

General prevention tips

     -Always wear a seat belt in motor vehicles.

     -Don’t carry too heavy objects. Use a step stool. Don’t stand on chairs or other unstable objects.

     -During sports or recreational activities, such as roller-skating or soccer, always wear knee guards.

     -Stretch, to warm up your muscles, before and after physical exercise, sports, or recreational activities.

     -To avoid straining your muscles, use the correct techniques or positions during activities.

     -Avoid repeated movements that can cause injury. Use equipment appropriate to your size, strength, and ability. In daily routines or hobbies, check for any activities in which you need to make repeated knee movements.

     -Think about taking lessons to learn the correct techniques for sports. Get a trainer or a person who is familiar with sports equipment to check your equipment to check if it is well suited to your level of ability, body size, and body strength. We can help you with this.

     -Call your human resources department for information on other ways of doing your job or to talk about using different equipment if you feel that certain activities at your workplace are causing pain or soreness from overuse.


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