What You Need To Know About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Constant pain like numbness or tingling sensation in the thumb,index or middle finger.

You are just so unsure and confuse. You might ignore the pain and wait for the pain to subside. This blog post is for me to help out of what are the symptoms, cause, treatment and outcome of ignoring the constant pain.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is when the median nerve of the wrist is compressed or irritated be it due to trauma or a repetitive type action,the main symptoms are pain,numbness or tingling sensation in the thumb,index or middle finger.

If left untreated the condition can worsen and lead to weakness increased pain and loss of coordination of the hand making every day tasks such as lifting cups to writing very difficult and painful. Carpal tunnel syndrome is very prevalent in people who work with their hands a lot like office workers who spend a lot of time on laptops or computers doing lots of typing and using a mouse etc.

If treated early it is more likely to recover faster but if left it can take a long while to recover due to the compression and swelling on the median nerve. Self stretching the wrist flexors can be very beneficial and as a matter of fact I would recommend anyone who work with their hands to do this on a regular basis to help reduce any risks of this condition from happening.

With the advent of youtube and other social media platforms it is very easy to type into search engines stretches for carpal tunnel syndrome and a multitude of exercise will appear to help this condition but always please seek medical advice from a health professional be it your doctor or physical therapist to properly diagnose this condition.

Carpal tunnel can be treated very successfully with physical therapy and other modalaties such as dry needling,Acupuncture and diathermy (creating thermal heat deep into the tissue,muscle nerves which help increase blood flow to injured site)

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