Physiotherapy is a great tool for preventing long-term health issues, which is why its critical kids are seen throughout the season, not just when an injury has occurred—or even worse, years later when the pain has become unbearable.

Chances are, if you are raising a child, at some point the words “physiotherapy” will come your way. At all ages and stages, there can be many benefits of physical therapy for your child.

I say it all the time; children aren’t just little adults. And whether the cause is playing their favorite sport, or simply playing outside with friends, their bones, muscles and joints require special, personalized care when they suffer an injury.

Physical therapists might guide children through a variety of different exercise routines and activities such as:

Developmental activities such as crawling and walking.

Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion.

Balance and coordination activities.

Adaptive play.


A child’s growth plates – the areas at the end of the long bones in the arms and legs responsible for making new bone tissue – are still open.

If a child or teenager injured these growth plates, and is not diagnosed or treated properly, it can lead to damage that may leave them permanently sidelined from their favorite activities.

Today’s injuries among children are commonly related to overuse. Kids are more competitive and specialized in their sports, which can lead to working out one area of the body more than their developing bodies may be able to handle.

 The benefits of physical therapy may include:

Increase coordination

Decrease pain

Decrease muscle spasm and spasticity

Decrease swelling and inflammation of joints

Promote healing of soft tissue lesions

Prevent contracture and deformity of limbs

Promote mobility through walking or use of wheeled-mobility

Increase ability in daily activities such as self-care and play

Educate patients and family

Decrease stress

It is now more common for kids to experience pain that adults tend to have, such as back pain or muscular strains.

That doesn’t mean you should keep your child from participating in sports or recreational play.

Above all, being active is important for their development. And the good news is that kids recover faster from many injuries than adults would. Despite generally fast recovery time,the best way to handle injuries is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

I can work with your child to recover and strengthen areas that may be affected by the injury.

I can also help him or her work on methods to prevent the injury from recurring.  Like teaching them specific stretches and strengthening exercises.

On top of that parents should talk with their kids about balancing their activities, recognizing symptoms of pain, and teaching them when they may be overdoing it.

Kids are less likely to recognize when they’re injured. Parents should talk with the physiotherapist separately to learn more about how to help their children recover and work through the prescribed home exercises.

Physio can be beneficial to help your children prevent or recover from sports or other injuries as they grow up.. I can guarantee the benefits of physiotherapy to your kids’ development and helping them to be the best players that they can dream of!


Here at Don Kelly Physiotherapy and Acupuncture clinic we have treated this very common condition very successfully in both our Limerick and Charleville clinics.

Phyio exercises and acupressure: This can be an ancient type of treatment that is comparable to acupuncture, but does not use needles. It applies pressure to particular pressure points which encourages blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and triggers our body natural healing : 

I have treated my patients with a 100% success rate. Armed with experience in the last 20 years of providing my physiotherapy services in Limerick and Charleville.

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