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Benefits of hyjama cupping

Benefits of hyjama cupping

Hyjama cupping is a form of chinese medicine which has been practised for thousands of years in china and has been introduced into the west in the last few decades.


Hyjama cupping relieving chronic headache


It has come to the attention to a lot of people here through the swimmers in the 2016 olympics when they started appearing with funny marks on their backs and shoulders.

The theory is that by applying cupping to a region it increase blood flow to that area thus increasing healing.the cups are also applied through cupping massage, this is a very effective therapy which also helps lymphatic drainig and myofacial release.

It also helps stimulate the meridians of the body which are basically like lines of longtitude on the body which each one has a connection to an internal organ thus helping to treat that organ. Remember pain starts from the inside unless there has been an inital trauma to a region so by stimulating these channels through cupping massage has many benefits.

Another form of cupping is wet cupping or hyjama cupping, this technique is used a lot in India, Iran, Iraq where blood is removed from the body by makeing light cuts on a particular region and adding the cups and creating a suction to remove the blood thus removing toxins from the system and forcing the body to produce more re oxygenated blood which in turn promotes healing.

Many chronic and acute diseases can be treated in this way and results are seen very quickly.


In my opinion drugs are not the answer to treating pain or chronic illness and there are far better way to treat people with chronic illness especially alternative techniques.

Cupping and massage cupping have been used in China for thousands of years as has hyjama cupping as well as in India, Iran and Iraq.


When toxic blood is removed you will see that it has all clotted and comes out like jelly, this is not good as there will be reduced blood flow as the blood is like jelly.

Granted some will say but its only the capilaries the blood is coming from so its ok, this could not be further from the truth, remember when you were young and the doctor would ask you to stick out your tongue, why was he doing this answer because its the closest thing to seeing what the state of your organs are like.

This dosent happen any more or if so very little and only by older generation doctors, the capillaries are the same, if the blood is clotted in the capalaries you can be sure its clotted in the veins and the arteries and what happens when this occurs YES illness and chronic disease no question.

Litteraly hundreds of conditions can be cured using this technique alone and should not be underestimated, look at it like this if you have evere given blood donations you will understand yes initially you are tired but as the days go on you will feel a sense of euphoria and increased energy amongst other good feelings.

This is not a coinceadance its your body regenerating new oxygenated blood which give you this feeling so in short even if you dont try hyjama cupping I would encourage one to donate blood on a regular basis.

Combined with other alternative therapies such as hyperthermia treatment, Acupuncture, osteopathy, physical therapy I treat sucesfully many conditions be it chronic or acute. Do not be afraid of this style of therapy it is virtually pain free with very little discomfort, actually with relaxing music it is quite relaxing and very theraputic.

Do not be afraid to try alternative therapies even if you dont want to stop conventional treatment it work extremely well alongside medical therapies and will not interfer with the process of western medicine.