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Ankle pain

Ankle pain

Ankle pain is very common in both adults and children and can become very dehabalating especially when it comes to such simple tasks as climbing stairs or simply going for a walk. Ankle pain can be caused from different factors such as a sports injury i.e. getting kicked in the ankle or rolling over on the ankle causing pulling of the ankle ligaments such as ankle sprain, if the force is severe this rolling of ankle can cause more serious damage such as torn or ruptured ankle ligament or ankle tendon, if there is severe force on the ankle joint there is danger of an ankle break, this is most commonly seen when a football player or rugby player foot gets caught in an extremely wet and muddy playing field and there is force on the middle to upper extremity thus causing hyper extension or hyper flexion or hyper side bending with the foot wedged in the muddy field thus causing a break most commonly in the distal fibula.

Other forms of ankle pain or foot pain come from ill-fitting shoes, high heel shoes, flat shoes or long term wearing of sandals and clogs.

Our foot has a natural arch both longitudal and transverse which gives natural stability to the ankle joint, if one choses to wear high heels or flat shoes these natural arches are put under unnatural stresses thus leading to ankle pain as well as many other painful foot conditions such as ball of foot pain, heel pain, calf pain, leg and back pain and ankle pain.

If one has foot or ankle pain not caused by trauma there is a high chance the pain is biomechanical in nature, here at Don Kelly physical therapy and acupuncture clinic in Dooradoyle Limerick and Charleville co. cork we are foot specialists and treat these painful foot and ankle conditions with huge success on a daily basis weather the pain is from trauma or mechanical.