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Boost Your Immune System Against Colds And Flu

A large number of people suffer with chronic or acute sinus infections, these are very common especially leading up to the summer months when there is increased pollen count. In autumn and winter there is also an increase of coughs and colds in people with an increased risk to the elderly and children. When these […]


Fibromyalgia can be a very dehabalating condition causing pain in muscles and joints, chronic fatigue, and tender points on multiple parts of the fact this is the most common way doctors diagnose this condition where there is pain in eleven or more points in the body, at the moment there is no other way […]

Ankle pain

Ankle pain is very common in both adults and children and can become very dehabalating especially when it comes to such simple tasks as climbing stairs or simply going for a walk. Ankle pain can be caused from different factors such as a sports injury i.e. getting kicked in the ankle or rolling over on […]


Massage is a very common modality to help alleviate muscle and joint has been used for hundreds of years with different styles and techniques in different parts of the world, such as Thai massage, Swedish massage, myofascial massage, this is the massage we use here at Don Kelly physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic in Dooradoyle […]


Osteopathy treatments utilise massage, active and passive joint manipulation, stretching of muscle and tendon fibres and myofascial techniques and joint mobilisations. All these modalities help reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain and headaches to name but a few. Here at Don Kelly pain relief in Limerick and Charleville co. cork I […]

Get Experienced And Professional Physio Therapy Sessions In Limerick

Why physiotherapy? Because it is a wonderful solution for pain. If has been proven from studies and performance that physical therapy limerick can be a very helpful tool against any kind of physical pain or injuries. Be it a minor or a major injury, you can rely on this amazing prescription therapy where complications are […]

Physiotherapy Treatment For Natural Pain Relief

Summary:  Here in this write up you will get complete information about how physiotherapy treatment is good for pain relief in an efficient manner. Back pain is pain that felt in the back that may start from the muscles additionally with nerves, bones, joints or different structures introduce in the spine. Back pain is such […]

Relief Your Pain With Help Of Experts

If you are looking for a place where you can get connected to  a team of experts who help you in providing treatment for all body pains then you are at right place with us. Physical therapies and treatments can successfully treat various conditions and enable patients to come back to an agony free, ordinary […]

Things You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

The complete piece of write up gives you complete details about how physical therapy is important for curing various health issues like arthritis and orthotics. Without doubt physical therapy is measured to be very effectual for ache in the joints and muscles. There are a lot of diverse types of physical therapy ways obtainable to […]

Best Physical Therapy and Acupuncture in Limerick

Health and physical fitness are integral needs for any person. To stay fit, people need good diet, good exercise habits and if there is a need, proper treatment. Lifestyle plays an integral role in a person’s well-being. Especially for people who have medical conditions, a good physical therapy program may do wonders. Who can take […]