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What is Holistic Therapy

Holistic treatments are more about identifying the root of an ailment instead of just addressing symptoms, it is a more realistic approach to healing.  It focuses on wellness and prevention rather than just treating disease. Utilizes a range of techniques to help individuals understand their symptoms.  In addition, such strategies are designed to foster a […]

Back Pain And Cycling

Despite cycling being a good physical workout, it often leads to excruciating back pain. Cycling is a great low impact activity for people suffering from lower back pain. With proper posture and the right bike size and set up, cycling is a good recovery exercise that will allow you to come back strong from an […]

What’s Frozen Shoulder?

It’s pain and stiffness in your shoulder that happens slowly. It can worsen until your shoulder seems “frozen” in one position. CausesFor example, it can happen if you can’t move your shoulder very well because of an injury or surgery, or if you have diabetes, which can worsen symptoms and make them last longer. Thyroid […]

Active Living With Osteoporosis

If you aren’t active now, check with your doctor/physiotherapist before you start a new fitness program, so you know what’s OK for you to do. GO FOR A SPINCycling — in a group or alone, outside or on a stationary bike — builds stamina and balance with less impact on your knees, hips, and other […]

Problems of Unhealthy Spine (Know Your Symptoms)

Have you think about your spine heath?     Are you aware of the possible diseases and its symptoms because of having UNHEALTHY SPINE?   I want you to live a fulfilled and successful live- you can only achieve this without neglecting the status of your health, one of those areas, is your SPINE HEALTH. […]

The truth about NSAID: pain reliever medicine

So you’re in pain… and you start checking your medicine cabinet for a pain relief medicine.   Because you just can’t stand being in the state of pain, the best solution to “treat” and relieve it- can be achieved with the help of NSAID.   Facts about NSAID or “pain relievers”.   While nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory […]

Best Physical Therapy and Acupuncture in Limerick

Health and physical fitness are integral needs for any person. To stay fit, people need good diet, good exercise habits and if there is a need, proper treatment. Lifestyle plays an integral role in a person’s well-being. Especially for people who have medical conditions, a good physical therapy program may do wonders. Who can take […]