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What is Golfer’s Elbow and How it is Treated

Golfer’s elbow is a condition caused in elbow and forearm by damaged muscles and ligaments. Muscles are responsible for our body’s voluntary movements. When they are damaged by micro tears they result in restricted movement because of pain and inflammation. Eventually, the formation scar tissues and calcium deposits will create further complications such as restricted […]

Boost Your Immune System Against Colds And Flu

A large number of people suffer with chronic or acute sinus infections, these are very common especially leading up to the summer months when there is increased pollen count. In autumn and winter there is also an increase of coughs and colds in people with an increased risk to the elderly and children. When these […]

Tips For A Healthy Spine ( HEALTHY SPINE is HEALTHY YOU)

I want you to live a fulfilled and successful live- you can only achieve this without neglecting the status of your health, one of those areas, is your SPINE HEALTH.   First let’s dive in a bit of information about our spine.   The spine provides the structural framework to the entire body. The spinal cord […]