Where do I start……took my mother to see don after she got a crick in her neck,she also suffers from arthritis in her neck and spine and had bad mobility,not only did he cure her neck problem,he increased her mobility and got rid of the burning sensation in her feet that kept her awake at night,she’s a new woman who takes less medication and now exercises in the swimming pool once a week………I myself suffered with my left knee since I was 12,I’ve had 3 knee operations and spent an insane amount of money on doctors and physiotherapy to no avail……while working on my mom he had a look at me….my left leg is shorter than my right,he made insoles for my shoes to correct the height problem and I haven’t had knee pain since,I can now work and exercise which I couldn’t do before with having a huge amount of pain after……..thanks don!!

Elaine White