Don is not only an amazing therapist but a really nice guy and he put me at ease as soon as I met him. On my initial consultation he was able to pinpoint my underlying problems and after a short course of sessions he had me feeling better than I had felt in years..

Paula Dillon

Top Therapist…. really works on getting to the root cause of your problem and gives great advise for your aftercare. Pays close attention to your symptoms and how it makes YOU feel. Really recommend Don for all your helping with acute and chronic injuries and pain management. Top bloke😊

Clem o Connell

i was suffering with back pain for years and i went to see don,on his advice he made me a pair of custom orthotics and within days my back pain was gone.i would highly recommend Don for anyone suffering with back pain

Mary Burke

i was suffering from shoulder pain and irritable bowel syndrome and was advised to see don as he was recemonded to me by my husband,after six sessions my irritable bowel has cleared up and i have no shoulder pain.Thank you Don

Mary Hartigan

I had been struggling with a shoulder injury on off for years and a friend suggested i see Don. I was absolutely delighted with the results after the first treatment and was back playing rugby after three treatments pain free. I was really happy as i am back playing stronger then ever.

Tevita Toia

I would highly recommend Don to anyone. I went to him with bad back pain and headaches. It was so nice to be treated so well, very professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly in a pleasant, clean environment. I am so pleased with the results. But to be honest, if I’d known I was going to have such good results I would have went sooner.

Henry Kenny

Excellent treatment! Don is very accommodating and always finds time to fit you in. I went to him last summer following a rib injury and I only had two weeks until the Championships. Many told me I wouldn’t be able to compete but Don had the solution. He gave me alternative training sessions so that I could keep fit while recovering. I would definitely recommend his services!!

Hannagh gilligan

I pulled my hamstring and I got acupuncture done over a few weeks and I was back to my best after it. Don was brilliant in helping me. I would highly recommend him!

Sean o Connor

This was my first experience with any form of physio treatment. I really didn’t know what to expect. I really find this treatment is working well. The relief is fantastic

David Hockedy

Went to Don with back and ankle injuries, he did a great job on both. Took away very beneficial exercises for my back and ankle healed very quickly with the aid of dry needling and cryo therapy

Allan egan

Best results ever after a single treatment. Will recommend this to anybody with pain and injuries. My son had peroneal nerve graft done on his left leg after he developed drop foot and pain. After a year of rehab he still experienced dorsiflex problems plus numbness in his shin and foot. After one session of acupuncture he had sensation coming back and strength in his foot increased by 20%, after second treatment more sensation and 50% strength was back. It’s amazing!! Thanks Don

Cecilia Hoffman

I went to Don Kelly suffering with Shingles After pain. I was on medication and I had a lot of pain and discomfort. After a few Chinese Acupuncture sessions with Don I was cured. I’m no longer in pain and I’m totally drug free! I am back to myself prior to the dreaded painful shingles. I would without a shadow of doubt highly recommend Don. He’s excellent – he really knows his acupuncture and he’s a lovely guy also. Thanks to Don I have my life back! I owe you big time thanks a mill Don… Caroline

Caroline Consodine

Absolutely amazing treatment,explains everything beforehand,during & after. Will only treat if he thinks it will work and won’t disappoint! Acupuncture I would definitely recommend.

Brian Foley

Had bad back pain, went to Don for treatment, amazing results, unbelievable relief, thanks a million

Andrew sheehy

I pulled a muscle in my neck and was in a lot of pain with it. Don was really accommodating as I called on a Saturday at short notice and had an acupuncture session with him. The pain relief was instantaneous and I am now on the road to recovery. Highly recommended.

Kieran o connell

I cannot recommend Don enough to anyone who is looking for pain relief. I went to Don having had headaches and terrible shoulder pain for about 10 years. I’m now headache and pain free thanks to Don. Thanks so much!

siobhan walsh

I’ve been going to Don Kelly for acupuncture for the past 6/7 months and will continue for life. I suffer from CFS and have found that Dons acupuncture has helped me really improve. My memory, concentration and brain fog has improved. I’m studying reflexology at the moment and have a short exam every week. I can honestly say Im retaining information which is amazing and can read way more these days which I couldn’t do for last 3 odd years. Been able to do day to day things as well as go out with friends and sleep for about 7/8…

Aoife Leahy

Huge improvement in sports injury after only 2 sessions. This man knows his stuff and his methods are brilliant compared to the usual rub from physios

Daniel Larkin

I suffered with knee pain for 3 years, went to numerous physiotherapists with no joy. Had 3 visits with Don and ive never felt better.

Andy Hastings

Don Treated me for Shoulder pain and I saw an immediate improvement that lasted. Cannot recommend him enough.

Karen Sykes

Took my baby to don who was suffering from colic, reflux and congestion was delighted no more meds after 3 sessions put me and Hannah completely at ease during the treatments

Triona Burke

I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years in which Don has been a great help to me. Don is very knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does. I would highly recommend him

Daniel o sullivan

Excellent and knowledgeable. I have several old injuries form over 20 years of high level impact sport. Aches and old injuries crop up from time to time and Don always has me sorted in one to two sessions – no ” we’ll keep an eye on it now so come in to me for the next six weeks” – Don tells me “two sessions and you’ll be right” and he is always on the ball. He confidently deals with the problem and just gets it done with no BS. I have recommended Don to five or six of my old…

Tom o sullivan

After suffering with migraine for the last 25 years, I have now received four treatments from Don and have been a good while without a migraine. This has been unheard of for me. I also had bad shoulder pain which is far better than I dared hope. Would highly recommend Don to anyone.

Claire Kelly

I have chronic chest pain for the last year after a bad chest infection . Doctors just kept giving me pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs. After one visit to Don this week I can breathe freely and sleep without constant pain. I’m only sorry I didn’t visit him sooner. Thanks Don

Linda collins

Don is a genius!! My leg would not hyper extend for 6 months, had mri’s done, doctors saying ill need surgery and physios saying to get another MRI just in case. I had 2 sessions with don and my leg is completely fixed and i have no problems at all with it.

john mcloughlan

Where do I start……took my mother to see don after she got a crick in her neck,she also suffers from arthritis in her neck and spine and had bad mobility,not only did he cure her neck problem,he increased her mobility and got rid of the burning sensation in her feet that kept her awake at night,she’s a new woman who takes less medication and now exercises in the swimming pool once a week………I myself suffered with my left knee since I was 12,I’ve had 3 knee operations and spent an insane amount of money on doctors and physiotherapy to no…

Elaine White

Don is an excellent therapist after years of suffering from migraines at least once a month since attending Don 14 months ago I have had 2 episodes. The difference the treatment I received from Don has made to my day to day life is unbelievable. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering with pain. You don’t have to spend your life popping painkillers.

Nicola Mulcahy

My son had a very sore back which was preventing him from playing his sports and despite many other treatments, was not improving. Don Kelly was recommended to me by one of his coaches. Don assessed him and used a needling technique and some physical therapy which had an immediate effect on the pain. It has taken a few sessions but it has worked! The treatment gave great relief and most importantly to him allowed him continue playing sport. I have also had treatments for bulging discs causing headaches and neck pain, which I never thought would improve but it…

Siobhan O’Malley

I suffered with knee pain for 3 years, went to numerous physiotherapists with no joy. Had 3 visits with Don and ive never felt better.

Andy Hastings